Friday, June 27, 2008

Camp Invention!

This week was Kendall's first camp of the summer...Camp Invention!!! She went every day this week from 9:00 to 3:30 and had A BLAST!! They had 5 modules every day...Art Park, M.A.R.S (Moving at Rocket Speed), Sludge City, Recess Remix, and I Can Invent: Fantasy Inventions & Complicated Machines. These kids had so much was AMAZING!

Here is Kendall with one of the 7 robots (yes, 7!!) she made. She also designed a telescope that always views's pretty cool! Her group designed a "green city" after they cleaned up "Sludge City", which was overrun with pollution and poor city planning. They also designed a rocket to get them to Mars, a rover for travel once they got there, communication tools, and took an entire session to plan the things they would need for their 2 year trip. Totally cool, I tell you! The things the kids did was so impressive!!
After we left the inventor's showcase, we headed to the local dairy bar for some ice cream to try to beat the heat! I was such a piggy...I had a banana split. Haven't had one of those in, oh I don't know...6 or 7 YEARS!!!! I couldn't even eat it all. Noah and Barry had to help me!

It was a good Friday. Hope you all had a good one too!!! Now get out there and get yourselves some ice cream!!


Teresa said...

That camp sounds like something Logan would have LOVED!!

And...ummm...I could have finished the banana split! Sad, I know.

jenelle said...

It appears your children have your love of desserts. Those are some happy faces.

That camp sounds awesome. What a great way to combine problem solving, creativity, mechanical, and building skills.

Kuckie said...

T - Kendall thought it was the coolest. She and Logan would probably get along great! And just for the record, on a normal day I probably could've finished it! HAha!!

Jenelle - No doubt! And I was totally impressed with the camp. We'll probably do it again next year!

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