Monday, June 02, 2008

The Smoothie Queen Strikes Again!

I am the Smoothie Queen! I started my obsession 8 years ago when I was pregnant with Kendall. In an effort to get all my fruits, veggies, and dairy every day, I started my day off with a smoothie chock-full of these goodies. I tinker with the ingredients occasionally, but I find that you really can't make a yucky smoothie if you use your head!

I usually start with plain yogurt. I just dump some in the blender...a good bit, don't be stingy! Then I add a scoop of protein powder, and various combinations of fruit, a splash of milk or orange juice, and then blend it up! Honey is a good sweetner too, if you need a little more sweetness...but stay away from the flavored yogurt...the high fructose corn syrup is not worth it! I almost always add a banana, and then usually strawberries, blueberries, mango, pineapple, blackberries, raspberries, etc. You get the idea. Play around with what you like! I keep a lot of frozen fruit in the freezer, so I always have some in case the mood strikes. Ooooo...another good combo is banana, chocolate and peanut butter!! Here are some ingredients that I NEVER use: melons of any sort (too watery), pears, apples, and grapes. All of these give the smoothie a weird and watery texture...yuck! You can even sneak in other things that you're kids don't want to eat...sometimes I add in various supplements or medicine if the need arises!

Noah is totally into the smoothies, too...he can suck down an entire cup before I even get mine poured! And that kid is obsessed with the blender...he has to push all the buttons or he has a fit!
Get your blender out and get busy! You won't be sorry...I promise!


Miss Got Wings said...

I keep meaning to make some - thanks for the reminder. I have all the ingredients for a good one (although mine would have to have chocolate or peanut butter in it somewhere) and the blender, so what am I waiting for?

When you say a good amount of yogurt, how much do you usually use?

kenady said...

I might try this with some soy ice cream... my little M is allergic to milk and thus I try not to keep stuff around the house that she cannot have. Thanks for the idea!

jenelle said...

Smoothies are my new breakfast obsession. I tried experimenting with milled flax seed in but really don't like the texture it gives. I have a hard time getting the consistency right unless I use a banana. Am I doing something wrong?

terri said...

Banana, chocolate and peanut butter! I am SO trying that. Kacey loves smoothies too and I bet I could get her to be the designated smoothie maker in our house!

Kuckie said...

Kate - No problem! I'd say I probably use at least a cup or so...I never measure, I just pour it in. But, keep in mind, I am making a larger amount, since Noah will drink at LEAST half! Good luck!

Kenady - Give it a shot, you never know until you try!

Jenelle - I don't think so...just use plenty of yogurt for the creaminess, especially if you don't use a banana. I usually thaw the fruit for a minute in the microwave too, just to soften it up a bit so the the smoothie isn't so grainy.

Terri - Hope you like it! Get Kacey on board and you'll be set!

Logziella said...

I'm excited to try this too! I love it when you inspire me to try healthy things!! Thanks Kuckie!!

Anonymous said...

I love smoothies too! Must run in the family! I just had one last night. what kind of protein powder do you use?

Kuckie said...

Logzie - your kids will love them!

Jess - Right now I have strawberry whey powder from Sunflower Market before they went under, but I like to use the Kashi vanilla better. I tend to stay away from soy powder.

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