Sunday, June 01, 2008


It's long past time that Kendall learned how to ride a two-wheeler...but it hasn't been a big issue around here because truth be told, we don't have anywhere to ride! There is no pavement on our property, and it's pretty hard to learn to ride in the grass! But anyway, we decided it was high-time to get on it so we could ride the bike trail this summer.

We headed over to the Choctaw Lodge parking lot, where there is plenty of wide-open space for learning to ride...and nothing to run into!

Noah took his little bike too...and our goal there was to teach him to pedal, not scoot with his feet. For some reason, he has always refused to amount of cajoling would get him to try it. But I was on a mission, and that was to appeal to his fun nature and make him WANT to do it. He picked it up really quickly, and was soon pedaling all over that parking lot! SO CUTE!

Kendall did ok, but she is so afraid of falling that she just lets go whenever she starts to lose her balance. Barry has my utmost respect, as he was so patient with her... even when she was being completely unreasonable. Three times, she had to take a "break" and go sit on the beach for a minute. But I will give her credit, she kept coming back to try again!

At one point, Barry hopped on her bike to show her how to balance and correct...and it was so funny... he looked like a clown on a little bike! Kendall got a real kick out of that, I'll tell you! At least he didn't try to ride Noah's...LOL!!

We'll try again soon. I think it will be like anything else, once she gets it...she'll get it for good! Go Kendall! You can do it, girl!


Miss Got Wings said...

that girl's got a lot of determination, she'll get it in no time!

kenady said...

Dads are great with the patience thing. R taught M to ride a 2 wheeler when she was 3 1/2. It took one day. It would have been an emotional roller coaster for me... I would have been irritated one second and then scared too death the next (when she fell), so I left it to him and he did a great job!

terri said...

My kids were afraid of falling off too, and so we actually DID teach them to ride on the grass. We have a pretty open back yard and we'd give them a running start and they'd try it on their own. If they did fall, it didn't hurt so much. And knowing the grass was below them instead of pavement made them feel more brave.

Kuckie said...

Kate - I hope so!

Kenady - I would be the same way. That's why Barry is doing the majority of it. I don't want to lose my patience and make her stop trying!

Terri - Good point! Maybe we'll give it a try to boost her confidence! Thanks!!!

Logziella said...

I remember being terrified when my step dad was "helping" me to learn to ride w/o training wheels. He was SO NOT patient though and I think I was more concerned about him getting upset with me than actaully concentrating on learning! Ugh...good times! NOT.

Way to go Barry!! You can do it Kendall...something just usually has to "click" and then they are off and going like it's second nature!

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