Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Come on, now...

Ok, ok...I will be the first to admit that I am not Britney's biggest fan.

But come on...how can anyone seriously look at her and call her FAT? Are you kidding me?!? She looks great! I WISH my belly and boobs looked like that! Yes, folks, she may not have her previous "18-year-old-before-I-had-two-babies" body, but hell, people! Who does??? I just think it's really crappy to kick her not only when she's down, but for NOTHING, to boot!

Has this girl made mistakes? Most definitely.

Is she having a hard time coping with an adult life? Clearly.

Does she have a solid foundation and a good source for guidance? Most assuredly not.

Is that a reason to pick on her for being thicker around the middle than she was 3 years ago? NO.

Come ON! I'd like to parade some of these journalists around in that outfit and see what kind of muffin-tops would be spilling over! Now THAT would be something. And as far as the argument concerning the fact that she sells "the whole package", including sexiness...ok, I'll buy that. But I truly believe you'll be hard pressed to find a group of men who don't consider her sexy, even in her post-baby stage. Hell, I'm a girl, and I think she's sexy! (Admittedly, not the girl you probably want to marry and procreate with, but sexy nonetheless!)

Yes, I watched the performance. And no, I didn't feel like it was up to her standards. Not by a long shot. She was sluggish and barely even danced. She looked lost,or drunk, or tired...or something! But leave her alone about her body please. It's just cruel and unnecessary...and let's be real here...there are plenty of other things to pick on her about! So pick something valid!

Boy, I'm just full of piss & vinegar here lately, aren't I???


Kate said...

Right on Kuckie! I was thinking the same thing!!!! I'd love to see what these reporters look like and make them rethink their definiton of "sexy" and "in shape.' The girl looks healthy and that's all that matters ;)


I think they were comparing her to the old her. If you compare the 2 she looks fatter. But compare her to normal people and she is everyones goal weight.

Our society is effed up

Mary Helen said...

Just another example of how screwed up Americans are when it comes to how a female body should look.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

I think that when you make the decision to work as a professional then your standards have to be raised. This is what she gets paid for. It used to be (I think) that many guys were hot for Britney. She had a very promising future. I think that not many guys take her seriously anymore...its not just the body thing...its a clear lack of respect for her.

This is my opinion, I could be wrong.


Logziella said...

I always look at her and marvel at how awesome she looks after 2 babies!

Yes, I don't have much respect for her and really never did. But I am very sad for her. I feel she actually got jipped in life. So what if she is rich and can have everything she wants...that is not buying her hapiness. I feel sorry for her. I blame her parents.

But, yes back on topic here...she looks fabulous and I am with Kate...let's just have these critics strip down naked and see who looks better!!!!

Leave the poor girl alone! The last thing she needs right now is something like this to distract her even more from getting her life back together!

Logziella said...

Enough with the piss & vinegar...I just gave you a NICE award...so get it together girl! HA!...totally kidding!...well not about the award!

Bonnie said...

Amen sister! I'd love to have her body after having two kids!

Kate said...

hey kuckie - congrats on your award - guess people still think we're nice after all of our rants lately - lol ;)

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