Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday Morning

Yippee! It's Saturday Morning!

And yet, for some reason, I feel blah. You know what I mean, don't you?

Here I have a weekend free of plans...the only things I must do are finish the laundry and go to my acupuncture appointment at 4:00. Oh, and we are talking about going to the South Vienna Corn Festival tonight for some of that yummy festival food and to let the kids ride a few rides. And of course, Barry is thrilled to have the entire weekend to devote to the building of the deck. Other than that...nothing! I've been dreaming of a weekend like this for a long time, and yet....BLAH. It really pisses me off to feel this way...

I've also had a hard time blogging this week. I just don't feel like I have anything interesting to say, and if I did, I don't think I'd be able to say it in an interesting no blogging. THIS is my attempt to break my yucky little cycle!

So, to that end, here is my one funny little thing that happened this week...

Kendall had this loose tooth on the bottom...and she had been working it all week to get it really loose. On Sunday night, we almost had her convinced to let Barry help her get it out. (It was just barely hanging on, and looked to really be bothering her.) But in the end, she decided she wanted to wait until the next day. Well, Monday came and went, and still that little tooth was hanging on for dear life. So she went to school on Tuesday and of course, I didn't get home from work that night until after she was in bed...but when we were getting ready for school on Wednesday morning, she says,

"Oh yeah Mama! Look at THIS!" And she opens her mouth real wide to expose a wide expanse in the center of her bottom jaw.

"Wow, Kendall-bug! When did that happen? Did you remember to..." And almost immediately panic sets in. Why didn't Barry tell me? I didn't perform my coveted duties last night...what will she think if the tooth fairy didn't visit and take that little pearl of a tooth?! Did Barry take care of it? How could he not tell me?

"Oh no, Mama...I don't know where it is. See, yesterday after lunch we sat down for story time and of course, I put my finger in my mouth to wiggle my tooth and it was GONE! I got really upset and started crying because I didn't know what happened to it! But my teacher got me calmed down and said maybe I swallowed it when I was eating lunch! What will happen now? (Said with teary eyes...) What will the tooth fairy think of me losing my tooth? She probably won't even leave me a prize! (And you can see the panic start to set in now...)

"No worries, Kendall-bug! We'll just write her a little note to explain what happened. I'm sure things like this happen all the time and kids still get their prize. We'll do it tonight. Thank goodness!

So that night, she sat down and wrote a letter to the tooth fairy...and it went like this:

Dear Toth Fari,
I lost my toth and I can't find it. Leave me a prise please.

I love her little notes! Of course, that note has a new little home...somewhere safe and sound. And, not surprisingly, that toth fari left her a little something...just because she's too darn cute!


Amy said...

How can we keep them innocent forever? I love this age and will miss it dearly when it's gone. It's the drama I can do without!

Rick said...

I never have anything interesting to say but it doesn't stop me! So go for it. Maybe I will see you at the corn festival tonight!

Kuckie said...

Bummer! The rain is keeping us home! Maybe we'll see you at another festival...who knows?


my mom left me a note from the tooth fairy when I was a kid that said to leave my tooth on the nightstand cause she couldn't get to it under my pillow. lol no joke

countrymouse said...

I am *so* glad you posted the tooth fairy story! It brought back sweet memories of a series of notes between my daughter (when she was 7) and the tooth fairy. My daughter couldn't find several of her baby teeth so there was a whole correspondence relationship between her and the Fairy. It was so sweet and funny.

Thanks for bringing that memory back to daughter and me : )

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