Monday, September 24, 2007

The Kissing Hand

Last night, while we were riding in the car on the way home from Kendall's soccer game, she asked me for my left hand. Curiously, I wrapped my arm around my seat so she could reach it. She gingerly held my hand and turned it palm up. I had no idea what I was in for, so I said, "Don't you dare lick my hand, Kendall-Bug!"

She just looked at me with this look that said "don't be ridiculous", and went about her business. She kissed my hand so lightly that I barely felt it. Then she sat up, looking very pleased with herself, and asked...
"Did you feel that, Mama?"
"Yes, Kendall-bug. It was so nice! Thank you!"
"That's something I learned last week. Your left hand is called your kissing hand and if someone who loves you kisses you right in the middle of your palm, you'll feel the warmness go all the way up your arm to your heart! And then you can feel it there everytime you think of that person! Did you feel it, Mama? Did you??"

Well, what could I say? I was floored...never saw that one coming. The tears welled up in my eyes immediately. (Yes, having kids has turned me into an emotional wreck!) So I did the only thing I could, and told her that of course I felt it and that was the sweetest thing anyone had done for me all week. Of course, now she was doubly pleased with herself...and Barry was just sitting there with a look on his face that said, "THE BAR HAS JUST BEEN RAISED. SHIT."


Anonymous said...

That was soooo sweet!!!

Ms Kathy

terri said...

Poor Barry. How is he supposed to compete with such a precious girl?

Mary Helen said...

Don't you just love kids? They always know what to say, and it's so innocent and genuine.

Flyinfox_SATX said...

Our sense of touch is the most active sense we have....and the most ignored. Our children know this. That is why they are always touching and want to be touched. This was a great post today. Don't go a single day without touching your kids. Give the Kisses...give them hugs! You will be rewarded a hundred fold!


Hammer said...

It's ok when kids get mushy. They really mean it.

Kuckie said...

Kathy - Just when I think she is over the edge, she does something like this!

Terri - I'm not sure he can compete, poor guy! Although, he comes up with some pretty good stuff when he wants to!

Mary Helen - That's why I always cry...damn the hormone-driven emotions!

Flyinfox - I know all too well what you mean. Remember my profession?? :o)

Hammer - It gets me every time.b

countrymouse said...

awwww--this made me tear up a little too : )

California Girl said...

The most unexpected things come at just the right time. She needed you to know something and you needed to hear it. What a wonderful child you are raising.

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