Sunday, September 16, 2007

Construction, Brownies, and Soccer...Oh My!

Lots of things going on around here this weekend...and I sure am tired tonight! After Jodi's birthday night out (which we didn't get home from until 2:00 am), I had to get up early the next morning for Kendall's theater class...ugh. 7:00 came way too fast, I tell ya! Then we were supposed to go to Jodi's surprise party that night, but we were just too tired, to be honest. I have been fighting a severe headache all week, and just couldn't get myself motivated to go. So...we stayed here and watched Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell. Love that guy!!! The movie was funny and I got quite a few laughs, so I felt a bit better after...but still went to bed as soon as it was over. We knew Dad and Taffy would be here super early in the morning.

We also had lots of help on the deck this weekend. Barry's friend Jon came out on Saturday to help for a few hours, and then he came back today too, as did our friend Chad and Dad & Taffy. They got a lot done...they laid quite a bit of the decking and also got the stringers for the steps put up.

Of course, we ate lots of good food, as usual. And dinner was not complete tonight without Ghiradelli brownies...(thanks to some help from my little monkey!) He loves his chocolate!

Then today, Kendall had her very first soccer game. I wasn't sure how they would do, since the six year old attention span is not necessarily spot on...but those kids did GREAT! I mean, there were some real go-getters out there! No one got confused about which goal was theirs, and they all played with good sportsmanship. But, I must admit that the game was not without drama...and of course, it starred the one and only Kendall! She was right in the mix and the ball was kicked loose...she took off to run and tripped over someone's foot and went flying, belly down. She didn't get up (of course!) and then started crying because she hurt her pinky finger. She had to be escorted off the field by her coach. But don't worry...she was fine after a minute to sit and a drink of water. She toughened up a bit after the half...the next time she fell, she popped right back up and kept I was happy about that. In the end, the other team won, 2-1... but that's all right. The kids weren't bothered by it, and it was fun anyway. So here are a few pics from the game...
So that's it in a nutshell (Help! How did I get into this nut? What kind of tree has a nut this big, anyway? ...Austin Powers, of course)...nothing real exciting, but hey, I tried! Maybe I can drum up something spectacular this week....we'll just have to see!


Logziella said...

That deck is really coming along! I met to mention last time that your herb garden in that window box is an excellent idea!

Go Kendall!!!!

Kate said...

OMG - those eyes on Noah - what a sweetheart ;)

The deck looks great - so nice that you have all that manly help around.

I love the drama on the soccer field. A sip of water always calms me down too - lol ;)

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