Monday, March 17, 2008

Bring on Spring!

Ok, ok, I know I've been a little lax with the posting here in the last week or so. But, in my defense, March has been an incredibly busy month...and will continue to be until it's over! Today it was supposed to get into the upper 50's...but it didn't quite make it. We had scheduled time to go over to Deetra's since Kendall is on Spring Break, and the kiddos had been itching to play. So we headed over and let the kiddos play outside on the playset. It was CHILLY!!! I think it only got to 43 or so...but the kids had a great time, so that's all that matters! And Deetra's friend Kristin came over with her two little boys, Noah and Eli...the more, the merrier!!!Noah, Kendall and Shea in the tire swing...
Snack time!We even took Scout over to play with Chief...those two were quite entertaining, to say the least. Scout was beside himself to have a playmate! Unfortunately, they decided that the best place to roll around and wrestle in the yard was this big mud spot...
When we were all sufficiently tuckered out, I brought the kiddos home for a little rest and got dinner ready for Barry and the kids. Then, I got ready to go out for my Monday night with Sheri...girl time is important!! Yeah, big exciting night...we went to the paint store to buy paint for my powder room, great room, and Noah's new room! HA! But the girl at Sherwin Williams was a huge help, and so was Sheri....wasn't that nice of her to pose for this picture, knowing full well she would be featured on my blog??? Notice she's not wearing any green! She claims she was sick of it after being cold all day in her short sleeved shirt...well, she looks toasty now...just not very "St. Patty's-like"!
After we completed that task, we decided that we couldn't let St. Patty's Day go by without a little celebrating, so we headed to the Rusty Bucket for some deep fried pickles (YUM!) and fish and chips. Oh yeah...and a Killians Irish Red!!!That's it folks...hope you had time to do a little celebrating too!

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terri said...

Sounds like a great day with a perfect ending... GIRL time!

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