Saturday, March 29, 2008

Look what's cookin'!

Well, with Barry finally home, it was high-time for some good cookin'!

Sheri had planned to come out last night for dinner and also for Barry to help her with some financial planning stuff, so that was a perfect opportunity! I had to work from 10-1:30, and then I ran to the grocery on my way home so that we'd have everything we needed.

So, first up is Grandma Cindy's Stuffed Peppers. Now these are really different from the normal stuffed peppers you see. They are stuffed with Stovetop Stuffing, corn, and sausage...and topped with cheddar cheese. I don't know where Mom got the recipe for these, but they are so good! In fact, the first time I had stuffed peppers somewhere other than home, I was completely speechless and grossed out! I couldn't believe they had rice and tomato sauce on them...LOL!! Anyway...check it out, peeps!
Next is sirloin steaks on the grill...OMG, were these awesome! Our friends Paul and Kirsten raise steers and this past fall, asked if we were interested in buying some beef when they butchered. Of course we were interested! This is our first set of steaks from that cow, and they were sooooo tender and flavorful!
I was having a bit of a struggle coming up with something to make for dessert while Barry and Sheri were talking finances. Then, in a moment of genius, I remembered buying a big container of strawberries at Sam's Club the other day. And, I happened to have whipping cream in the, without further ado, I present to you my homemade strawberry shortcake!!!
It was a hit with everyone, but most especially these two...Oh my, with this fun and productive weekend, what on earth will Sunday bring??? I can hardly wait!


California Girl said...

YUM! Its early morning here, but I'm ready to take a huge smapling of your food. I'll be there in a couple!

MissGotWings said...

Those peppers look SO good! Please share the recipe :)

terri said...

Everything looks SO delicious! Is there anything better than a good steak from the grill?

Kuckie said...

Caligirl- Come on over! I'll cook for ya?

Terri - No, there really isn't!

jenelle said...

That just might be my perfect meal. Sounds incredible. We just bought a side of beef and got it in tonight. I hate buying from the store (flavorless) after getting a good aged beef from the butcher!

Logziella said...

YUMMO!!!! You make me wish I liked to cook! :0)

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