Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Question for the Ladies

Hey ladies! I've got a question for ya!

Do you ever get something itchy in the lining of your bra? I have this bra that I love, and lately for some reason, it feels like there's something in it that itches me when I move. I have taken it off countless times and looked all through the cup and can find nothing. So I washed it. And let it hang dry. And lo and behold, when I put it on yesterday, it was still itching me!!!

I mean, what's up with that? It feels like there's just a little something in there, like when you get your hair cut and you get some down the collar of your shirt....itchy like that! I swear, I can't just go around scratching my boob all day! I mean, that's not cool! So now what? Do I have to get rid of this bra?

Anyone else ever have this problem? Aaaaaaaghhhhh!


kenady said...

LOL!! When that happens to me it's usually the underwire beginning to poke through at one end or the other and then, yes, I have to chuck it and buy a new one!

Just on a side note, if you haven't tried GapBody, I would highly recommend them for new bra purchases. If you don't have one near you, you can order on-line. The bras are usually much better priced than Victoria's Secret.

Good luck! And stop scratching your boob!

Hammer said...

Nah mine's cool ;)

kc said...

Hahaha! This had me laughing out loud. Yes, I've had bra's like that before. Usually once I wash it, it is better...or it is the tag, and I cut it out.

Hope you find a solution and get the itching to stop soon, so you can actually walk around in public without man-handling your boob! haha

Everyone I know has been telling me how great GapBody bra's are. I've never tried one...guess I'm going to have to break down and buy one though, to see why everyone loves them so much. :)

terri said...

YES! I had this problem this week only my problem was on the backside of it. Turns out I had some dry skin. Nothing wrong with Victoria's Secret after all.

MissGotWings said...

Yes! And usually it's because the lotion I'm wearing combined with the detergent on the bra makes me go bonkers. But I just have really dry/sensitive skin that I ignore sometimes. It goes away after a day or so.

Hope your itchies are all gone!

Kiki said...

I own only GapBody bras and one of them had something itchy where the wire was...I took it off and nothing was there so I took a fine piece of sandpaper and ran it over the spot...that seemed to do the trick. If its on the fabric, obviously I wouldn't use sandpaper on that-but I would return the bra as defective.


yeah you have to get rid of it... its the only way

Or you just go around tugging and adjusting... not pretty

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