Saturday, March 22, 2008

We're ready, Easter Bunny!

Yesterday, my friend Heather drove to my house (she lives an hour away) to help me do some painting. This is a big least to me. See, I have a lot of *great* ideas for my house, yet I lack follow-through. And getting started is the biggest part of the problem. Once I start, I'm golden! Anyway, she LOVES to paint. AND, possibly even more importantly...she is a perfectionist! So when she offered to come up and help me, how could I say no? Especially after she told me she loves to trim...and I could just roll the centers of the walls. Yeah, I'm serious. Aren't you all jealous that she's MY friend??? Would you like her phone number??? HA! I will post pictures, I promise. But nothing is finished, and I'd really like to have it all done up before I present it to the world! Just let me say far everything looks AWESOME. Oh yeah, and in case I haven't been clear lately...I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!

After I got everything up to a stopping point with the painting, I had to get ready for Bunco with the ladies. While I was out with my girls (and let me tell you, it was always!), Barry and the monkeys colored our Easter eggs. There had really been no opportunity this week, and since we will be gone all day had to be done, whether I was there or not. So, here are the pictures of the festivities. I think they did just fine without me, don't you???

Now I have to go get my butt in gear...I have a hair appointment at 9:00 and then I have to get back here so we can head to my mom's to pick up the little jeep for the kiddos, my grandparent's house to pick up a set of mattresses for Noah's new bed, and then to our family Easter celebration at the bowling alley...yeah, I know you have questions about that one. I'll answer them later tonight when we get home! Happy Easter!

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