Thursday, March 06, 2008

High School Musical has landed!

Here in the cabin, High School Musical has landed. (Or as we call it, "Grease 2007", but let me just say that Zac Ephron is NO John Travolta!!)

I know some of you parents out there must be thinking, "What took so long? Don't you have a 7 year old daughter?" Well, yes I do. But, keep in mind we don't have cable! Therefore, Kendall has really not been exposed to the HSM hype...well, that and the fact that she is too busy catching frogs...hahahaha!!!

Anyway, a couple of the little girls in her class are really into HSM, and she hadn't seen it, so I got it on Netflix. Not only is she crazy about it, but little Noah is too! Those two have been dancing and singing like crazy! We watched the movie maybe twice, and already Kendall has all the songs memorized. And now, it is her mission in life to be a singing star! Tonight is her spring program at school, so she just may get her chance. Anytime she gets the opportunity to be on stage she takes full advantage, believe me!!! This morning she woke up super early and was dancing around with her hair brush, doing vocal warmups at the top of her lungs. Holy crackamoly, it was funny...

I'll let y'all know how it goes!


kc said...

No HSM mania here..our boys only care about superheros! ha! :)

Good Luck Kendall! You're going to do GREAT! (be sure to take some pictures!!!)

Sky Girl said...

Both of my boys love HSM (and superheros!). They watch HSM and HSM 2 and sing. We allow very limited video games, but my mom has a playstation at her house with microphones and a HSM game where you sing. I bet Kendall would love it.

MissGotWings said...

Oh boy! Cover your ears :)

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