Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome Home Daddy!!

Barry made it home with no problems, thank goodness! We were so happy to have him home! Kendall came down in the middle of the night and crawled into bed with him, wrapping her arms around his neck and saying "Welcome home, Daddy...". He couldn't bear to take her back to her room after that! Anyway, isn't her little sign cute? I was going to make cookies, as she requested, but when I went to get all my ingredients together, we were out of brown sugar! So instead, I made a chocolate cake with some seriously good Peanut Butter Chocolate Frosting, a vegan recipe from the Moosewood Collective. IT WAS DEEEE-LISH!!!

So with Barry home and the weekend ahead, we got to work. On Friday, I had gone into Marshalls and picked up these bamboo drawer organizers...and I got to work on my utensil drawer and 2 other drawers that desperately needed weeded out and organized...
Now I know I didn't show you the "before" pictures, but just trust me that the "after" pictures are an amazing improvement! Now, let's just see how long I can keep it all clean like that!

A couple of weeks ago, a restaurant in town went out of business and auctioned off a bunch of outdoor log furniture. Barry went, and picked up two of these barrel tables for $35 each. We are going to power wash them, stain them, and paint the iron fittings black. And of course, add some nice umbrellas! At Sam's Club on Friday, we found casual-style black wrought-iron bar chairs that will look really good with the tables once we have them finished. And the best part? The chairs were only $30 each!
Barry got to work replacing the roof on the kids' playset. This fall, the wind here was so intense that it ripped the fabric roof right off. We decided right then and there that it would need to be replaced with something a little more sturdy, so Barry had a plan. And here he is, implementing that plan!Then he put up 2 sections of spouting where (for some unknown reason), the company that did our spouting forgot these 2 little sections in the corners of our the rain would just pour right off there onto the deck. Barry took care of that!
Oh yeah, and we picked this little set up at Sam's actually is from the same set as the bar chairs! These chairs were $20 each and the table was $30. We were really impressed with the we picked up this set for our front porch! The bar chairs look just like these, except taller, of course!
That's it for today...but there's more to come as we still have a day or two left of the weekend! Who knows what all we'll get done? I've been crossing things off my list! Woo-Hoo!!!


Anonymous said...

You busy beavers!! You make the rest of us look Lazy!! Do you ever rest?


Kiki said...

Wow!!!! It all looks so amazing, I love that deck and am glad to see the snow has guys have been super busy, what a way to stick tot he plan!!!

kc said...

Great Job!
Hey, did I see some Pampered Chef products in those wonderfully organized drawers?! (My FAV!) You go girl! :)

Kuckie said...

Amy - Believe it or not, we DO rest...we just have a lot to get done!

Kiki - Thanks, girl!

KC - You did! There are a few Pampered Chef items that I simply cannot do without!

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