Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Big Party For My Baby Boy!

I can't believe baby is turning 3!!! That's right, Noah's birthday is Tuesday, but we had his big party yesterday. Since his birthday is always on Mother's Day weekend, we have a combo party...and this year was GREAT! We had an awesome crowd of friends and family...and lots of little kiddos around to eat cake & ice cream, play, and fish. You can see all the great pictures here, but here are a few pics of the highlights... Me, Deetra and Jodi
The crowd out at the pond
Noah's reaction to "MONEY!!!"
Noah's cake...YUM!
Party on the deck!
Hot dogs, anyone??
Who said girls don't like to fish?
Time to sing "Happy Birthday!"

The girls, watching Enchanted. They knew EVERY line!

We were a little worried by Friday. On Thursday and Friday, it rained and got colder. But we were not deterred! On Saturday, the sun came out, it was an absolutely perfect day, and the party was a huge success! I have long ago learned that games and goody-bags are not necessary at a child's party...all they want to do is PLAY. So that is what we do. Good friends, family, lots of food, cake and ice cream, and most of all...FUN.
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terri said...

Happy Birthday to Noah! Looks like it was a beautiful day for the party. I love his reaction to the gift of money! At that age, though, isn't that pretty much the reaction no matter what the gift? 3 is such a great age.

Logziella said...

Happy Birthday Noah!

Your property is such so beautiful and to have your own lake...ah...that's awesome! The party looks like it went beautifully!!

jenelle said...

Glad that the weather cooperated for the party. Noah - have an awesome #3 year and enjoy all the cake,ice cream, and party that you can handle.

kc said...

Girl we are to much alike! Not only do we have the exact same couch, but we also have the exact same tv trays! haha :)

It looks like Noah had the perfect birthday party! The weather looks beautiful, and I love your deck and pond. I bet the kids had a blast!

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