Monday, May 12, 2008

A Zooper Field Trip!

Today was Kendall's first grade field trip to the zoo, and what a crappy day for it! It was windy and rainy all night, and the temperature dropped significantly. But field trip day it was, so we dressed in layers and loaded up the stroller and sack lunches...and we were off! I felt like the whole day was a little rushed, as the buses were taking the kids (whose parents didn't come) back to the school at 1:00. It seemed like we got there, walked around for about an hour, went to the education class at 11:00, then ate lunch. We only had about 30 minutes for lunch, as the parents of one of Kendall's classmates knew a zookeeper that worked in the Gorilla area, and they had arranged for a personal Q&A session with him for just our group at 12:00. It was awesome! Then we had to be at the front gates at 1:00 to sign out our kids if they were not riding the bus home. That is when the meltdown occurred. Kendall did NOT want to leave. She was convinced that her "very best friends in the WORLD" were staying, and she wanted to stay too. We had actually planned on staying longer, but Noah was doing the "drunken sailor walk" and clearly needed a nap. And from the looks of Kendall's meltdown, she did too! So we had to have a pouting, crying, sobbing, attitude filled walk back to the van. Let's just say that she and her Daddy had a showdown in the parking lot when she decided that she was going to run away right then and there. Holy crackamoly. We were all exhausted when we left, and of course, I was left wondering how we (as parents) could have handled that situation better. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I am so NOT the mother I wanted to be! I TRY, but sometimes fall short of the mark, I'm sorry to say. Well, another day, another lesson learned, I guess!

But alas, 20 minutes later, all was well and she had stopped sobbing and telling us how unfair we are and how mean we are...and apologizing instead. Well, I should hope so.

So, anyway, here are some pics from the field trip. I prefer to remember THESE moments and NOT the fit...LOL!


terri said...

It looks and sounds like a fun field trip! (Except for the meltdown, and trust me, we've all been through those with our kids at one time or another!)

countrymouse said...

You have a young child who actually recognizes when her behavior is wrong and then *apologizes* for it! I don't know what kind of mother you wanted to be, but it sure sounds like you're doing a fantastic job!

Oh, and p.s.? Some days are just shitty : ) That's the way it is.

kc said...

Love the pictures. It looks like ya'll had a great time.
Don't stress over the meltdown, we've all been there. At least she realized that her behavior was wrong, and apologized. That just shows what an awesome Mom you are, and what a good kid you are raising.

Logziella said...

Wow...your zoo is AWESOME!! Our zoo here stinks!!

Don't worry girl...I often say that I am so NOT the Mother that I wanted to be either. That's a crappy feeling isn't it? Thanks for the made me feel a lot better about my own situations. But...I must agree with Countrymouse that if your child acted up (which ALL children do) AND then apologized afterwords...then that does speak volumes to the wonderful mother you ARE!!

Kuckie said...

Terri - It really WAS fun...of course, excluding the meltdown!!!

Countrymouse- Thanks so much...I know some days are shitty, I just didn't want THAT one to be! LOL!!!

KC - She really is a good kid. She's just 7, and this is what we go through at 7!

Logzie - We DO have an AWESOME zoo!!! We are so incredibly lucky. The kids do zoo camp every summer and we get there as much as possible. And thank you so much for the nice compliment...I think we mothers hold ourselves to an impossibly high standard...and it causes a lot of stress!

Kiki said...

Those pictures are so cute, it looks like you had a great time AT the zoo, and while the meltdown sounds kind of "un-fun" I think there are days like that for all of us. Some days I want to throw a fit...there are soemthings I just don't want to do!!

jenelle said...

Logzie is right, our zoo stinks (often literally). Jealous of yours.
Sorry about the meltdown. At least you are in good company (since we all deal with it). Great learning opportunity and you even got to see the results when she apologized. That's HUGE for a 7-year-old. Hold on to good memories (world's greatest mom, birthday party moments) to make it through junk times like this.

California Girl said...

I just love that you and hubby went on the field trip with the kids. You are always so involved with what your kids are doing, its wonderful to read. Love the pics! Sorry about the meltdown but wow, she apologized! You're doing a fine job of parenting.

Chachi said...

What a fun time to spend with family.

Kids always have a knack for having meltdowns in public but good thing they pass quickly.

When your 7 yr. old apologizes that means you have done a LOT right.

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