Monday, May 05, 2008

Still Here

I'm still here...just very busy getting ready for Noah's big birthday party. I took the week off so that I can get all of my big projects done around the house and yard, and I haven't had much time on the computer. Thank Goodness for Google Reader and the update reminder, so I can keep reading all of my favorite blogs!

I'll try to post tomorrow...just didn't want you wondering what happened to me!


Evil Lunch Lady said...

I just thought you got buried in yard sale bliss;)....Hope you have a blast at your wee-one's party!

terri said...

I'll forgive you for the lack of posting because I know you'll post some really fun pics from Noah's party! Have fun!

Rick said...

OMG we were ready to send out a search party!

Logziella said...

I was begining to wonder if you were okay. Thanks for the update. It's party time around our house as well. Looking forward to pictures. :0)

...and I'm really hoping that this party will help you to finish those projects that you promised to show finger is begining to hurt from all the 'tapping' I've been doing!...LOL!!! Just kidding!! :0)

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