Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Little Chef

I was so excited when Kendall got to that age where she could realistically help me cook. Most of the time she is good for rolling out cookies, or decorating cupcakes, or sometimes even doing a bit of measuring, but she gets bored quickly. It's ok, really, I had just always thought it would be fun to cook together...and maybe it will be one of these days when it seems a little more exciting to her. Our latest kid movie from Netflix is Ratatouille. The kids have been watching it like CRAZY, and they love it! Of course, I love it, because I love to cook...but I thought the kids just liked it because it's animated. Well, it turns out I have a little chef in the making!

I went to take a shower yesterday, and as usual, sat Noah down with his cars and a movie. He requested Ratatouille. I told him to enjoy his movie and I would be in the shower if he needed me. After I was finished and drying my hair, I could hear him running around out in the great room, so I turned off the hair dryer and went to see what was going on. He wasn't there! I called for him, and he came running, with a wooden spoon in his hand...

"What are you doing, Buddy?"
"I want to cook! Wike Remy!"
"You do? Ummm...ok, well let me finish drying my hair and we'll cook something, ok?"
"OK, Mama. I sit wight here!"

So I finished drying my hair and came back out. There he was, as promised, sitting on the couch waiting.

"So, you want to cook something, eh?"
"Yeah! I want to cook cookies!!! Wif chocowate chips!!"
"You do? Well, we don't really have time to do cookies before we pick up Kendall. How about if we make brownies instead?"

So we went about making our very favorite Ghiradelli Double Chocolate brownies. Noah had to be involved in EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. He had to wear an apron. He had to pour everything (with my help, of course), and stir everything, and even use the mixer (with my help, of course!). He made sure I set the timer, which is something I hardly ever do. He even had to help with licking the beaters...DRAT! That's usually MY job!!! LOL! He was so interested in every part of this project, and it was so much fun! Shoot, he even helped me clean up!!! I think Noah and I will be doing some more cooking together very soon... Enjoy the pictures!!


MissGotWings said...

And you're teaching him what good quality brownies are as well - not the cheap stuff! One of life's most important lessons . . . . :)

terri said...

This is a great time to nurture his interest! In a few years, maybe you'll wake up to the smell of fresh baked muffins... Jake is our resident Muffin maker. Kacey is the Cookie Queen.

kc said...

way to go little chef!
love the pics of the chocolate cute!

jenelle said...

Yummy. ratatioulle had the same effect in our family. I have two helpers that fight over helping me cook/bake/etc.

Keep teaching that boy about cooking. It will woo the ladies someday.

Chachi said...

What a wonderful way to spend time together and teach at the same time. I loved when my girls would help me cook or do dishes or whatever and guess what? I still love when they help me to this day.

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