Thursday, May 29, 2008

Things on my mind...

Here are a few random things that have been on my mind...

1.) I challenge Kenny Chesney to write a song that does not have to do with summertime! I love that all of his songs are happy, relaxing, and make me feel like laying on the beach or driving around with the windows down...ahhhhh, summertime!!!

2.) I hate the new Gavin Rossdale song. UGH. It's boring and slow and just UGH. (No offense to any of you who like it!) I have never been a fan of sad songs, or just plain downer songs...I need happy, upbeat, inspiring music!!!

3.) I need to finish up my painting. I have 3 walls that still need a second coat! Why is it that you can be on such a roll with a project, but once you stop for a sec, it's hard to get going again??? I'll try to get it done this weekend.

4.) We HAVE to get our garden in this weekend! OMG, we are soooo behind schedule! I can't wait for my yummy tomatoes!!!! And cucumbers!! And zucchini!! And pumpkins!!! And green beans!!! And STRAWBERRIES!!!!

5.) I'm having a light week at work. I am refusing to worry about it, and instead enjoy the extra hours of solitude. I even went shopping (gasp!) on Tuesday after work. I needed new work clothes. My nine year old shorts are looking a little worn....

6.) Our baby chicks are growing so's amazing! I can't believe they will be laying by the time Kendall goes back to school in August!

7.) YogaBurn Rocks!!! Barry and I did it last night, and I feel so long today...and a bit sore, I must admit!

8.) I am feeling the need to sit down and scrapbook!

9.) Tomorrow I need to sit down and work on our summer calendar. Kendall has Camp Invention, Zoo Camp, and soccer. Noah has a one-day zoo camp. We have various playdates we are trying to set up with families we don't see much during the school year. We are going on vacation in August (yippee!), and I need to schedule a trip to visit my brother in Michigan (and meet Logzie!!). All of this must be carefully coordinated. Plus, we have some day trips the kids and I want to do's going to be a busy summer!

10.) It has been forever since I had pictures printed. I need to get on Shutterfly and get busy while they have free shipping!

11.) Grocery shopping today!!


Reggie said...

The one country song I own is Island Boy.

"He's an island boy, stones throw from St Croix."

jenelle said...

Good luck with you list of things to do. Your garden sounds wonderful. How fussy/hard are strawberries to grow? I've been thinking about putting a patch in, but I know nothing about growing them. Just know that I love to eat them.

Kuckie said...

Wreggie - Never heard that one!!

Jenelle - Strawberries are easy if you invest a little time up front. Our patch is HUGE, and we do nothing with it, even though it really needs weeding...LOL! Put your patch in, girl! Fresh strawberries are the BEST!

Logziella said...

Yah, you do need to get planning your summer...I can't wait to meet you and your family! :0)

This is my first year for a garden and we are planting the seeds tomorrow although I am second guessing myself now and wishing I had bought already started plants like Jenelle did. Oh well...I sure hope it works as I am not one to try again if it doesn't.

Can't wait to see you Kuckie!!!

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